Ph.D. Program in Oceanography and Global Change at the Canary Islands, Spain

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Abel San Romualdo Collado (Ph.D. Student): "Characterization of sand sheets and nebkhas fields in the Canary Islands"

The main aim is the characterization of the sand sheets-nebkhas fields of the Canary Islands, focusing on the distribution of vegetation in these spaces and their role in aeolian sedimentary transport.

Characterization, both of natural elements and processes in these systems, is carried out by combining the data collection in representative experimental plots with laboratory analysis of field data. For this, a methodology has been developed that goes from the realization of vegetation inventories in the field to the characterization of wind sedimentary dynamics by means of anemometers and sediment traps, as well as physical-chemical analysis of sediment samples. These activities are supported by statistical techniques and geographic information technologies (GITs), among which orthophoto and 3D data analysis stand out.

Ecological and wind dynamics models will be derived from the application of this methodology.