Ph.D. Program in Oceanography and Global Change at the Canary Islands, Spain

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Maite Báez Hernández (Ph.D. Student): "Carbon Dioxide System in Coastal Regions"

Improve the knowledge in coastal areas is a priority due to the effects of the physical and biogeochemical process. The carbon dioxide (CO2) system will be characterized by measuring at least two of the controlling parameters: pH, total alkalinity (TA), total inorganic CO2 (TCO2) and partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2). The other parameters can be calculated using thermodynamic relations, according to the relation of those parameters with the temperature and salinity. This study is focused on monitoring and measuring the air-sea exchange and the ocean layers in 4 coastal regions: Tagoro volcano nearest El Hierro after the eruption, the Western Mediterranean Sea at the OBSEA platform in collaboration with the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, the Mar Menor and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea at Crete Island in collaboration with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.

Figure 1. Data collection at the OBSEA platform