Ph.D. Program in Oceanography and Global Change at the Canary Islands, Spain

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Ocean Mixing Processes and Water Masses

In this research topic we will study the mixing processes along the water column, from the surface to the bottom. At the upper layers, the mixing induced by the winds and cooling with the entrainmet at the base of the mixed layer. In the thermocline we will focus our attention in the mixing by vertical shear instabilities and double diffusion.

In a second part, we will study the water masses in different regions of the ocean. It is possible to resolve the water mass into even finer elements describing more precisely the differences in temperature and salinity. In addition, characteristic diagrams that plot oxygen against salinity or nutrients can be used to seek extrema that mark the boundaries of various water masses. Several basic processes control the temperature and salinity of seawater and lead to the formation of major water masses. One of these processes is the mixing of two o more water masses at the surface or at depth. To study these processes we will use Optimum Multiparametric (OMP) analyses.