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Silvia Rodríguez Valido (Ph.D. Student): "Evolution of the artificial inlet carried out in the mouth of the Senegal river by means of Landsat images"

Making border between Senegal and Mauritania flows the Senegal River. The strong littoral drift, the incident waves and river action has resulted in the formation of highly dynamic spit over 40 km long known as Langue de Barbarie. In October 2003 a channel was performed on the barrier 7 km south of the island of Saint Louis. As a result of this fact there was a change in the hydrodynamic conditions, which seriously affect the balance of sediment in the two sectors that divided the spit. Based on data obtained from Landsat images, changes in the area are quantified and an evolution model is proposed that explains the functioning of the new mouth of the Senegal River. According to data obtained, until 2023 the South sector of the Langue de Barbarie will be completely eroded, leaving populations inside the Laguna exposed to marine erosion.